First Multiplex Screenings

tuesday 14 july @ 6.30pm, richview
we're holding our first screening on tuesday evening. anyone who would like to come should send us a link to a piece of film that describes space in an interesting way.

pick something you like, and you can tell us about it on tuesday. This could be from youtube, vimeo etc or a dvd you have.

we'll be watching excerpts, not whole films and will be talking about each one in terms of technique, theory and its ramifications for how we can create our own films in the coming weeks.
we can also do a quick walk-around the facilities in ucd for those who are unfamiliar with the architecture school.

the event is open, and please us know if you are coming by emailing us at nowwhatmutiplex(at)

looking forward to seeing you there!
alice & james rossa