The Technocrat Retrofit of London from Keiichi Matsuda on Vimeo.

This Film was made by Keiichi Matsuda as part of Nic Clear's Unit 15 at the Bartlett School of Architecture in London. It uses 'a combination of hand drawing, physical models, collage and live footage, composited in after effects and cut on premiere'.

Keiichi Matsuda describes his film as a project about:

'....architectural intervention, but its basis lies in economics. Our current system of economics and politics (as they have converged to a point which is hard to distinguish) is fundamentally unsustainable. It relies on debt and exponential growth, and operates on an abstracted belief system that ignores our finite world resources. Technocracy is a post-capitalist economic system devised and developed in 1920s America by academics and scientists as a solution to the waste and unsustainability of capitalism. Like capitalism (and communism/socialism etc.), it does not concern itself with scarcity, but rather with abundance, with the view that the capacity exists to feed, clothe and shelter everyone in the world. This does not happen with the current system as 'there is no way to sell an abundance'. This has shown itself increasingly as false scarcity is imposed on us in the form of digital rights management, licensing for broadcasters, action against peer-to-peer services etc....'

Some of the techniques used are similar to those which Kevin Kelly calls 'painted film'.

'...painted film is "drawn" with photographs. It is painted, layer by layer, frame by frame not by hand but with manipulated photographic images. It is painted by cameras. These movies are the cinematic equivalent of photoshopped films....'

Another example of this 'painting' can be seen here in the making of Speed Racer.

An interview with Nic Clear who runs Unit 15 in the Bartlett can be found here - with more examples of films made by his students.